Here you can get acquainted with our previous projects and works.
Object: One-room apartment, Novopecherskaya Tower residential complex, Kyiv.

Area: 39 m2.

Style: Modern, minimalism.

The main task: The complete absence of everything superfluous. Due to the combination of warm and cold light colors and carefully thought out redevelopment, the apartment received harmonious aesthetics, style and practicality

Terms: 1 month

Object: One-room apartment, Theatrically residential complex, Kharkiv.

Area: 42 m2.

Style: Modern, avant-garde with elements of classics.

The main task: The interior of the apartment for a creative, creative person with an active life position. Modern building materials and textiles are used. Experiment with colors, shapes and contrasts. Combination of incompatible components. Contrast walls, floors, ceilings, furniture.

Terms: 1 month

Object: Two-room apartment, Rogatinsky complex, Kharkiv.

Area: 83,4 m2.

Style: Modern, loft.

The main task: The basis of the space of this loft-style apartment consists of details: the furniture is as simple and functional as possible, the colors are predominantly cold shades, large windows, and an almost complete lack of decor. The atmosphere of freedom, youth, rejection of pomp and embellishment is a bit rebellious and bohemian interior. The color combination is very contrasting: very dark brown, gray, black coexist with large white planes. New minimalistic furniture. Large "industrial" windows.

Terms: 1 month

Object: Two-room apartment, Rodos complex, Odesa.

Area: 72 m2.

Style: Modern, Scandinavian.

The main task: The nobility of texture, light colors, clear lines and originality - all this is the Scandinavian style. Light geometry of accessories is characteristic of it. Therefore, interior design in Scandinavian style preserves the purity of space and functionality. The style is very practical in operation, and each of its elements performs a specific function. We have filled the interior with furniture from Scandinavian brands. Almost every piece from their collections is like a piece of modern interior art.

Terms: 1 month

Object: Individual house, Kharkov.

Area: 148 m2.

Style: Modern, minimalism with classic elements.

The main task: The dynamic lifestyle of today's young customers set the tone for the entire interior. It was necessary to create a living space that would reflect their energy and desire for modern innovations and developments. The interior should be made in the style of cozy minimalism, with maximum functionality, accent interior items and a special lighting scenario.

Terms: 2 month

Object: One-room apartment, Zhilstroy 1 complex, Kharkov.

Area: 40 m2.

Style: Modern, Scandinavian.

The main task: Apartment design for long term rent. The main task is to create a neutral stylish object that will sympathize with different people, of different ages and with different tastes. In this condition, the Scandinavian style is ideal. With a neutral palette and a minimum of things, effects were used - accent walls, interesting furniture, a special lighting scenario. The object does not look cluttered. The main advantage of the projected apartment is free space and organized storage, with modest meters.

Terms: 1 month

Object: One-room apartment, Birds complex, Kharkov.

Area: 38 m2.

Style: Modern, minimalism.

The main task: Main task: Design of an apartment for long-term rent. The main task is to design the premises in a functional and minimalist way. The expressive details of the project are the slats, which make the atmosphere structured, help to zone the space and place accents. Frequent, rhythmic repetition of the same modules of simple forms gives us a sense of order, harmony, completeness.
Particular attention, also, deserves a tile in the hallway, kitchen, loggia. Black and white colors in the interior, despite the seeming routine and boringness, are actually stylish. No wonder they are often used in a modern style - minimalism. These two colors are perfectly combined with well-defined lines, require a minimum of decorations and accessories - moreover, they are the details that decorate the room themselves.

Terms: 1 month