Object design
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Material: Laminated glass, metal

Height / length / width: 1 800 mm (650 mm) / 550 mm / 400 mm.

Style: Modern, minimalism.

Description: Designer coffee table made of bronze laminated glass with black matte metal. The product is a transformer. From a coffee table with LED lighting to a floor lamp. The idea of the concept was to combine 2 different items by function into one to fit into the minimalistic interior of the bedroom. Chandeliers, which became relevant 3 years ago, "Circles with LED illumination", served as the image of the form. Such an interior item will fit into such styles: loft, minimalism, lounge, functionalism.

Terms: 1 day

Material: Laminated glass

Height / length / width: 2,700 mm / 400 mm / 400 mm.

Style: Modern, classic.

Description: Designer decorative columns made of transparent laminated glass with lighting. The product performs an exclusively decorative function with an additional light source. Column capitals composite (architectural order) - Doric, Greek. This piece of furniture, by its nature, is classic, but because of the material in which it is made, it has been reincarnated into a modern one. These columns, literally, dissolve in space, while remaining an unobtrusive highlight of the composition. Such an interior item will fit into the following styles: avant-garde, minimalism, art deco, vintage, Italian, classic, constructivism, mannerism, neoclassicism, postmodernism.

Terms: 1 day

Material: Concrete, metal, glass

Height / length / width: 1200 mm / 1000 mm / 500 mm.

Style: Modern, minimalism, loft.

Description: The console tabletop is made of concrete, with the help of which you can produce furniture of completely different stylistic orientation, a very plastic material. The basis for the manufacture of this piece of furniture is the formwork method, the most accessible method of the existing ones. The console is durable and robust, concrete is an environmentally friendly material. The functional purpose of the console is very elegant - a decorative table. It is considered an alternative to the dressing table, for which there is not always room in the bedroom. Such a piece of furniture will fit into such styles: avant-garde, minimalism, constructivism, loft.

Terms: 1 day

Material: Metal, crystal.

Height / length / width: 440 mm / 440 mm / 240 mm.

Style: Modern.

Description: This wall lamp is made of black crystal. Peering into a gem of deep black color, different feelings visit everyone. Black rhinestone, also called morion, is considered a stone of sadness and sorrow. If you correctly create a composition in the interior, then products from such material bring elegance and restraint to the room. This wall light is best used as a duplicate method.

Terms: 1 day

Material: Glass.

Height : 35 cm / 30 cm.

Style: Modern, minimalism, Scandinavian.

Description: The peculiarity of a set of decorative vases is in a combination of subtle refined aesthetics, classic minimalism, mysterious modernity and lively retro, giving rise to a strong image and a unique emotional experience. The geometric pattern of the decor will fit absolutely any interior.

Terms: 1 day

Material: Polymer clay, polished sheet glass..

Height/length / width : 90 cm.

Style: Modern, minimalism, vintage.

Description: The accent of the composition of the mirror is its frame, which is trimmed with imitation of pearls in a disproportionate relation to the real one, made of polymer clay. Pearls symbolize - imperishable classics, unique romance, it is a symbol of femininity and elegance, which is why imitation of pearls was chosen in the decor of the mirror in the dressing table area. This product has no analogues. Very unobtrusively fits into the interior and gives mystery and lightness.

Terms: 1 day

Material: Expanded mesh, ash-tree solid wood.

Height/length / width : 530 mm / 2000 mm / 2000 mm.

Style: Minimalism, loft.

Description: The bed was created for a loft-style interior. The bed frame is made of solid ash wood and covered with expanded galvanized mesh as an individual design solution. The very shape of the bed originates from eco-design. It is large enough with a minimum set of materials that will harmoniously fit into the interior design in the style of minimalism.

Terms: 1 day

Material: MDF..

Height/length / width : 80 cm / 150 cm / 50 cm.

Style: Minimalism, Scandinavian.

Description: A screen in the interior can serve as a portable partition, fully becoming a tool for zoning a room. Screens were invented in China, nowadays they have become more diverse in material and design. They are used in the interior of bedrooms, dressing rooms, children's rooms, studio apartments. In addition to this important functional feature, the screen also plays an aesthetic role: an art object.

Terms: 1 day

New Year's decor for home
Material: Rogoza.

Height/length / width : 34 cm / 37 cm / 37 cm.

Style: Minimalism, Scandinavian, Modern.

Description: A very simple yet perfect idea for decorating a herringbone base. What could be easier, choose the basket according to the size of the cross. The whole composition looks holistic, impressive and incredibly beautiful. Optionally, the basket can be painted in any color.

Terms: 1 day